At Brand My Business, we believe that establishing a visual presence is key to giving brands a memorable voice. From the biggest corporation to the local businesses, we believe in dictating the conversation by approaching our client’s visual identity with tactful thinking and focused ideas. It’s been proven that separating a business from the herd, requires a multifaceted approach, using all the tools of communication available. Social networks are very powerful tools for promoting a message and establishing brands. However, a system needs to be in place for consistency and repetition. Our systems give our clients the tools to carry that brand across various platforms in the current landscape while keeping the future in mind.


At the start of a very humble beginning, from walking around with a sketchbook at all times to setting up prepress for a major printing company, the goal was to be involved/passionate/proud in the art being created and take the knowledge acquired along the way and pay it forward. Being involved and having seen the production of various projects from every phase of the creative process, the lessons learned were a perfect primer for knowing what it takes to create a lasting impression. 16 years of experience in the entertainment industry established the work ethic, along the way creating brands for various motion pictures, TV shows, and companies, provided the fast-paced real world experience to appreciate fast, efficient, quality work. It’s now our mission to provide our clients with that same level of dedication.

We look forward to meeting you, and making memorable work together.


Helping our clients create and develop their brands.